Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The practical approach to productivity

A lean manufacturing initiative focuses on cost reduction and increases in turnover by systematically and continuously eliminating non-value-added activities. In today's competitive market, lean is turning out to be "the solution" to manufacturing industries across the spectrum for survival and success.

Lean manufacturing helps organizations to achieve targeted productivity and more by introduction of easy-to-apply and maintainable techniques and tools. Its focus on waste reduction and elimination enables it to be engrained into organization culture and turns every process into a profit center. Thousands of companies worldwide have achieved tremendous productivity and return on investments by implementing lean practices and techniques. India has witnessed many success stories in its automotive, process and other industries.

In a nutshell, lean manufacturing is all about driving toward achieving profitability and productivity through continuous improvement and resource waste elimination. It is an organizational culture as well as specific practices with clear goals.

In today’s competitive world, while large-scale companies have taken the first steps to implement lean in their organizations, small and medium establishments (SMEs) also need to follow the lean thinking and implement the same to achieve their set goals.

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