Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dabbawala TED talk

Interesting TED talk by Dr.Pawan Girdharilal Agrawal, CEO of the Mumbai Dabbawalas talks about the Hisotry, origins, composition and operations of the Dabbawalas . Throughout the seminar he is very enthusiastic and proud of the Dabbawala legacy. He also talks about many stories involving Dabbawalas, which are not pertaining to the delivery. He also talks about the effective coding system used by Dabbawalas to deliver the Boxes with highest level of accuracy.



  1. Although I'm yet to see the video, but there is one question which has been probing my mind, why hasn't this organization grown in terms of servicing another city such as Delhi or Bangalore.
    It is challenging but again provides an opportunity for Dabbawallas to venture into newer markets.

  2. @Varun: Probably the reason is that only in Mumbai large population of office goers use public transport(thanks to traffic!) and hence leave the home early (before the food can be cooked). For eg: In Bangalore most of them use private cars and leave house pretty late and hence can pack their lunch.


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