Friday, February 3, 2012

Product Packaging and Design in Supply Chain Management

Have you ever got a gift that was too good to be unwrapped?Whenever we buy gifts for any occasion we wrap them. Why? Tradition or Anticipation or just because we want the gifts to be attractive and look good. All the reasons can be true.
I came across some interesting products and their packaging. I think everyone should have a look at these. One of them is :

Did you also come across something similar?
21 such products:

Along with good design, packaging is also gaining a lot of importance.
10 possibly innovative designs:

Product design is all about giving the customers more than just what they want. Companies are focusing on satisfying the customers with the right products without compromising on the cost and quality. The design should be such that it is not costly to manufacture.

The companies need to integrate product design along with the other processes and not isolate this process. The manufacturing and product design need to go hand in hand. Failure to do increase the risks and will affect the logistics and disrupt the supply chain. If faults in product design are identified in earlier stage it is to make changes in manufacturing and avoiding the risk of holding the inventory. The products design to specific requirements will rich the market on time if product design is integrated with manufacturing. This is analogous to software development life cycle(SDLC). The design phase is very crucial in SDLC. It is easy to accommodate amends when realized in the beginning of the software development. Once the software is developed, tested and all set to deploy if there are any changes the requirements it is expensive and painful process.
A small clip on Manufacturing:

Thus the businesses need to be more design-centric. This is becoming difficult day by day due to off-shore manufacturing, outsourcing, reduction in supplier base, global consolidation of suppliers, centralized production and distribution, etc. Due these factors in order to save some money the chains are becoming longer and increasing vulnerability. Do you agree with me?

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  1. Very helpful information. Give your consumers an opportunity to “see” themselves as part of the brand, with visual cues they can identify with. Create a mood or a feeling that will appeal to your mob.

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