Monday, September 29, 2014

Technology An Underused Tool In Emerging Market Supply Chains

We humans always use technology to do things easily and efficiently. Technology improves efficiency as it follows certain rules set by us, which are not easily over ruled. Thus operating at a point where optimal result can be achieved. In fact, businesses that operate at a large scale will have a hard time managing with out the use of these technologies. However, a recent study by Accenture has concluded that technology is an underused tool in emerging market supply chains.

The study has identified the leaders and non-leaders in the market to observe what traits are followed, that have set them in the position they are in. As expected, Market leaders are more inclined towards implementing technologies that support their emerging market presence. It is found that nearly three quarters of the leaders made heavy investments on automation tools such as manufacturing systems, ERP and supply chain systems. This supports the argument that use of technology in supply chains improves efficiency that helps businesses to remain as leaders.

Integrating to collaborate is one key point that every business needs to keep in mind before implementing new technologies. The use of technology should only help all the departments to reduce the amount of work they do and maintain the flow. This is important as otherwise it would instead increase the time taken in performing tasks related to reporting to the system.

Firms have been implementing software’s like Access delta and KPI technology, which perform different tasks in the warehouse. But collaborating these software’s results in a better efficiency. Access delta provides a graphical warehouse map that enables real time inventory management whereas KPI manages warehouses and wider supply chain performance. So, it is important to have a holistic approach in implementing technology in supply chains to be successful in the market.

Though implementation of technology has many benefits, the cost of implementing has always stopped small businesses from automating completely. In most of the cases, the big companies that implement these software’s have maximum benefit and the small businesses tend to use them later. In some cases, these software’s are so expensive that it never allows the small business to afford such software’s. Can we have software companies pricing them according to the business size so everyone can afford it?


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