Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Data Management

Its essential to update and maintain data in order to have an effective supply chain, as the article on IT for Supply Chains points out- its imperative that data be accurate, accessible, shared, and of the right kinds.  The following article builds on this one, specifically discussing the importance of historical data cleansing and ongoing data maintenance as a part of IT for internal supply chain management.  http://www.bus-ex.com/article/supply-chain-data-management

What's really more difficult is actually deciding what types of data to use and how to use it- what is really essential to improve processes, and what is redundant or a waste of time?  This is really probably the key part of supply chain management- staying apprised of the current research that's out there will help supply chain managers to know what works for other organizations and what doesn't will help them to sort out types of data that can be used for productive purposes.

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