Monday, September 30, 2013

Cloud Computing & Its Adaptation to SCM

  Its interesting to see how cloud computing has advance over the last few years. Like most technological advancements, people are drawn back but once its catching on its the new craze. Living in the Bay Area I encountered an array of technology wizards who large proponents of the cloud technology. I was fortunate enough to go to a DreamForce conference that is hosted by SalesForce every year. At the event there of the worlds largest companies in the world that are adopting the cloud technology. Now with the advancements that the technology has seen in the last couple if years it has been applied to other area of businesses, not just databases.

Yet in retrospect I never thought cloud computing could help out with a companies supply chain, hence it is interesting to see how companies are using the cloud technology to implement to better implement SCM techniques. The article from details how companies are now slowly adopting cloud technology despite the initial push back. Ian Finley, vice-president of research at AMR research says "it revolves around political issues that require a change of mindset. People have to think of themselves as part of supply network rather than as individuals, and it is a difficult shift." 

The push back from this can be associated from the trust a team needs to build around the computing. With the potential of companies SCM being hampered the risk is always there. But given that we live in a technology filled world, I think cloud computing can have a great impact on SCM. I have worked with a cloud based system and they do have their advantages and the ability to access the information any where (as long as there is internet access) is great. It is often user friendly and you can tailor the needs to your company as well. Given that SCM involves a great deal of increasing productivity and efficiency , the has the capability to improve current SCM practices around the world. 

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