Monday, September 23, 2013

Digital Service Chain - Improving Service Chain Management

Finally I get to study about something I was looking for a while. The study about how Service Industry takes advantage of Supply Chain Management.

With the services industry growing continuously, efforts are needed to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the company.

As we have seen in the previous classes too, the key factor for success of service industry should be
- Minimum waiting time for customers
- Minimum idle time for resources

With the introduction of Digital Service Chain, efficiency improved in designing and delivery of services. This has also boosted cross-country commerce in Service Industry. The digitisation started with introduction of Web.

Digital Services depend on the digital transportation and processing of information from raw inputs to finished outputs. Software Services have a good implementation of Digital Services.

The structure of Digital Service is as following:
1. Content Creation : The software or content is created with human efforts at this stage.
2. Aggregation: Here the digital information is gathered together into a useful collection such as software application suite.
3. Distribution: The software or information is placed on the networked computer platform which is using the appropriate distribution system and the content can be delivered to multiple users through single platform.
4. Data Transport: A mobile network or some sort of satellite broadcasting transfers data to or from customers.
5. Digital Experience: Digital Service is experienced through devices with convergent products, which gives new experiences like combining PDA with mobile Services.

The figure shows the Digital Service Implementation in the Software Industry and Entertainment Industry.

                                                                      Source: 1

One of the biggest advantages of this Service which I can think of is reduced efforts of delivering the software to the customers physically. This in turn minimizes the waiting time for customers too.   Also, prior to the implementation of Digital Service, companies would have been able to target customers only those to whom they can deliver the service physically and not to distant locations. With the introduction of Digital Service, the customer base increased for the Service Industry.

This is one of the areas of improvement in the Service Industry network, which leads to a significant improvement in the efficiency of Service Industry.
I would like suggestions or some articles you came across, which might be exploring other fields of improvement in the Service Industry.


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