Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Design-Supply Chain Interface in New Look

New Look, a high street fashion brand,  targeted the market of fashionable clothes with low prices. It has more than 1100 stores worldwide and an online store serving over 120 countries. As we all know, fashion concerns very much on time: not only styles change dramatically but also the changing seasons automatically make clothing industry in need of responsiveness. High-end fashion could afford expensive responsive logistic systems, however inexpensive fashion clothes are also time-sensible and therefore need responsiveness throughout the supply chain. New Look has done a clever job in its designing process to satisfy its need in a supply chain that is both time and cost efficient.

First, to make clothes that are at the cutting edge of fashion styles, designers refer to the trends on catwalk shows. Those shows are known to launch half a year before the time of consumption actually happens. Designers at New Look design quickly in reference to the shows and they use leading technology to make sure the designs immediately flow into the next process of supply chain. In the past, only two in-house designers scanned the catwalk shows, predicted trend through agencies and then designed, which consumed a long lead time. Now they have adopted a special CAD system makes design immediately accessible to offshore suppliers.

Second, sourcing and procurement of raw materials are highly considered in the designing process in New Look. New Look now has 25 designers that work with the company's suppliers, buyers and pattern makers to make sure that the supply chain of materials are efficient in a time and cost manner. Designers adjust their design to make the materials easily accessible.




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