Monday, September 10, 2012

Savvy production line=savvy products

An online tool to assess supply chain sustainability. A showroom to highlight new sustainable packaging design possibilities. Your new iPad that can be uncovered from its packaging simply by the flick of your wrist. A new normal is being created before our very eyes: minimalist packaging for your product.  

As new technologies allow managers to create new solutions for their supply chain and products from minimalist-conscious companies like Ikea and Apple get bigger and bigger, minimal is the new norm, and that’s fine with me.

Three-quarters of Americans believe many consumer products are over-packaged and about one-quarter will look elsewhere[1]. It’s become a practical solution for consumers and businesses to offer ‘conscious’ products. For consumers, the package contains only what is necessary with no useless styrafoam packaging to dispose of; it’s good marketing and customer experience. For businesses, these applications result in improved supply chain opportunities- it’s good for the bottom line.

In a case study conducted by PCH International[2], smarter packaging design reduced excess materials, improved shipping efficiency, minimized packaging time from 180 seconds to 15 seconds, and even resulted in cost reduction of 91%.

Smart product design supports operational effectiveness in companies. As consumers focus on aesthetically pleasing products and packaging, businesses are utilizing effective opportunities to contribute towards our environmental footprint and increasing the bottom line.


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