Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blog Week 6 - Security in IT

Applying information technology to supply chains is a growing field, and there is no question that IT has significantly improved supply chain management practices.  RFID tags are alloying managers unprecedented levels of control, and communications up and down supply chains allow for virtual instantaneous connections.  These are clearly good things, but one aspect of the rapid deployment of IT that is sometimes overlooked is, security.  

Many supply chains are vulnerable to IT attacks.  The prevention of IT attacks is traditionally left to the IT departments.  However, the complexity of modern supply chains requires a security conscious people at all levels.  "From a defensive standpoint, few supply chain managers or supply chain risk managers have aligned their mission with their computer security center, and they're not commissioned to conduct joint operations" (http://www.informationweek.com/government/security/securing-the-cyber-supply-chain/221600499)

As supply chains get more and more complicated how much attention should be paid to security?    

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  1. Thanks for this Blog, that usually happens as well in fleet management company but that is how businesses goes. we just need to be lenient enough for other employees.


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