Monday, October 8, 2012

Restaurant boosts 2.5% revenue adapting to business intelligence tools.

What is Business Intelligence?
  Supply chain managers to make strategic decisions through out their supply chain networks use business intelligence. 
It helps in;

1.Monitoring key performance indicators (KPI) across your supply chain.
2.Measuring scorecards and evaluate performance.
3.Creates visibility into the supply chain.
4.Cost reduction through optimization.
5. Use data mining to extract key purchase behaviors from customer survey data.
Potbelly Sandwich works has 200 stores in 11 states with an estimate of 50 to 60 stores added every year. Analyzing and tracking performance through these stores is tougher and hard to evaluate performance of the particular stores or regions. Potbelly Sandwich works has deployed a Microsoft Business Intelligence solution that enables managers and store operators to view and compare how their store is fairing on a daily basis.
Tamy Duplantis, Vice President of IT, Potbelly Sandwich Works has said that, “As soon as we deployed the pilot … we saw the ‘needle’ on revenues in those stores move up 2.5 percent … just by giving restaurant operators insight into how they were performing.”
The business intelligence solution has provided everyone from restaurant operator to executive level team to evaluate performance and enabled him or her to make strategic decisions. Potbelly has deployed the pilot in 20 of its stores and the revenues in stores moved up to 2.5 percent without making any operational changes. This was achieved by giving restaurant operators a self-evaluation tool.
Business Intelligence Technologies have helped Culver Franchising Systems have better transparency into their performance. It has helped franchise owners improve their operations and increase their profitability.
Could you think of how Business Intelligence can be used in an innovative way to help companies achieve revenues?

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