Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Co-creation and the supply chain

In this week's reading, the article, "Putting Customers in Charge of Design," spoke to me. In a generation where the consumer will pay to be part of their purchase, companies like Blank Label are making the most of this phenomenon. It makes sense that the consumer trend is headed this path; in a culture where mass-consumerism has shaped the mold of the majority of our purchases, personalization is the new luxury.

Blank label reminds me of the brand "Frank and Oak", "an online clothing store boasting an exclusive, free service known as the Hunt Club, which selects and recommends pieces that are best suited for each of its members."[1] Frank and Oak boasts a vertically integrated strategy in which the designer, retailer, and manufacturer. 

Companies like Blank Label and Frank and Oak have been successful in part because they are tapping into the consumers who prefer having a part in the creation, and they are tapping into consumers who prefer to not have the need for a visit to the shopping mall. 

In the future, I expect to see more companies that share the same concept of co-creation consumerism. This concept supports efficient models with low overhead and high profit margins.

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