Wednesday, September 4, 2013

IBM Supply Chain Skills

With the constantly changing business environment, supply chain management is a very important area to concentrate in. The article I read was based on IBM Operations. Regardless of what type of product a business creates, efficient and effective measures are always a plus.

What this article emphasizes is the transition from "functional and geographical silos to an Integrated Supply Chain (ISC)" to help with globalization. So because IBM offers consultations services for ISC help the customers focus on developing an integrated supply chain, and in the end help drive competitive advantage.

There are many specific services that IBM offers, which include: target operating model, supply chain strategy, process excellence, logistics strategy & operations, etc.

So my question was that with all the various services that are being offered, which one or a combination of two would be highly effective to acquire these skills? For example, it is true that no two companies are identical; however when it comes to the basics of supply chain, what are the areas that are broadly shared between companies. As students who are ready to join the job force, if we were to go into supply chain, what would be skills that would allow companies to give us a second look?

(*IBM just an example as I read some of the services they offered)


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