Monday, September 2, 2013

Intro to Supply Chain Management


  As I said on the first day of class, I am looking forward to understanding how the topic is used for countries who's infrastructure still needs vast amount of improvement. In turn some the curiosity have already been addressed. In only the first week of class I have seen how a group of Indian men take into account a system of delivering that is so simple but yet so efficient. It is truly something remarkable to witness.
  Yet as I began to do some the readings that were assign for this week it was clear that my initial question I had in the beginning of class will take many shapes. The article written "Procurement in the Age of Globalization" clearly states one key idea, it is an evolving idea and concept. With different practices being introduced and the technology constantly evolving supply chain management will be evolving on a daily basis. With the being said, how can emerging and developing countries take advantage of these practices. I am sure who ever has to answer the question as quite the challenge ahead of them.
  Nonetheless Globalization has its affect on various aspect of the life's of people around the world and with the traveling I have been able to do thus far it makes you realize how small the world really is. What I am truly am interested in learning is how the evolution of this practices will be applied to for areas of the world that need it the most. There are certain areas of the world that are quickly developing and the area of supply chain management will play a key role in the successful development of that respective country. Thus I am looking forward to see how my key question I have posed in the beginning of the semester will be addressed and how its developed to date.

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