Sunday, September 8, 2013

Inventory Management in the Hospitality Industry

As I read about inventory management this week, I was curious to see some of the more recent publications about companies updating their systems. I was surprised to discover an article and the the relatively new use of inventory management software in the hospitality industry. Restaurateurs have historically had to track their beverage inventory manually but, just last month, Avero, a technology solutions company that specializes in restaurant analytics, has partnered BinWise, the leading cloud-based software for restaurant beverage programs, to develop cloud-based software to automate beverage inventory tracking and provide insights into wine, liquor and beer sales and performance. According to a recent post by, 50 customers are now using Avero and BinWise's integrated software.

It was very interesting that supply chain management, which is used throughout the hospitality industry, had not been expanded to this space. These two companies were able to see a problem and provide a solution which benefits them both and offers a unique improvement to the industry. According to the article, "Avero Slingshot is the leading insights platform for renowned hospitality establishments including Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Union Square Hospitality Group, Michael Mina Group, and Caesars' Entertainment", and "BinWise provides wine management solutions to the top restaurant groups like the Union Square Hospitality Group, Michael Mina Group and the Alta Marea Group with a user base that includes over 200 of the top Wine Directors and Sommeliers in the country."

This new discovery leads me to wonder what other industries can benefit from the lessons learned from decades of inventory management practice.

Avero Partners with BinWise to Automate Beverage Inventory Management
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Avero, Inc


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