Sunday, September 15, 2013

Management System to plan and manage Supply chain Inventory

Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Inventory and Fulfillment Management

This week class about planning and managing inventories in Supply chain really got me curious that how can we really project the order quantity for future business that too when market can be so uncertain. Then I turned to Silicon Valley market with a hope that they may be having solution. This is where I came across few management systems available to manage and plan inventory.

This is a management system that enables a supply chain manager in multiple ways. It  provides tracking system to track inventory  and all demand requirements. It enables to maintain records of the items to be stored or already stored. Records includes details like physical dimension, size, item, family, item group etc.  If required, one can also prompt and route newly  added items for approval through workflow processing.

This system has an item template that helps in upgrading the item masters with changes in items catalogs or because of changes due to some other reason. User can specify the variable item description while updating the item master,
In addition, it make transaction process quite efficient by  using a multilevel storage structure. It perform cycle counts with or without interrupting warehouse operations. Not to mention that the biggest advantage o tracking cumulative and unit cost information it provides for each item that too on real time basis. It saves steps and cut lead times by  cross-docking incoming recipient to outgoing shipments.

But there are so  many similar softwares available in the market that one has to really do market research before actually using these. After all they can make or break the business !
Which one is really value for money ?

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