Monday, November 24, 2014

Ever wondered why companies have increased spend on IT from 2.6% in 1970 to 80% in 1999?

There are several reasons why IT has been helping the supply chain for several companies:
·         Focused e-business solution improves customer satisfaction
·         Improved efficiency allows company personnel to focus more on essential business activities
·         e-Business solutions improve information quality
·         They support planning collaboration, and improved agility of the supply network [2]

IT with customers [3]

IT appears to be an important factor to customers. IT has enabled collaborative relationships. IT has affected companies in the following way:
  • Enhances inventory management
  • Increases processing capabilities of suppliers
  • Decreases transaction costs
  • Optimizes shipping and reduces order delays and inventory emergencies
  • Decreases the delivery lead time and inventory

IT on Operation

IT introduces a human element in buyer-supplier interaction, building trust by
·         minimizing delays
·         improving the communication between vendors
·         optimizing transport


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