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Goya - Going mobile and role of internet and mobile technologies in supply chain

 The role of internet in managing global supply chain management is emerging and growing exponentially.  It allows for collaboration and greater flexibility and focused service offering.
 These the functions of the internet in supply chain in three broad categories.

Internet not only tends to reduce cost by providing quick access to information, it allows for members to cooperate to ensure the availability of this information seamlessly. When all the information is available in secure folders that are accessible to people with correct login rights, it becomes easier to identify the best source to make a purchase. The actual costs associated remain the same, however cost to reach out for various tenders and industry standards reduces significantly.

 It increases the size of the accessible market. Suppliers can use the internet to market goods and services. Internet increases the transparency in pricing and allows for the supplier to find the customers easily. Reduced transaction costs of the consumer, helps supplier tap the potential for volume sales etc.

Direct Transactions:
 The web and internet has removed the need for middle –man or intermediaries in transactions. Suppliers can contact the consumers directly and consumers can contact producers directly go get the prices and quotes from producers directly. This results in reduced cost and time, the final outcome is increased efficiency.

Mobile and Handheld technologies are vastly being used in supply chains to give real-time updates. The wireless technology enables sales personnel to track products in a timely fashion and be better prepared for anticipated delays. Some direct advantages[1] are

  1. Improve the information flow in supply chain
  2. Push notifications in real-time
  3. Ability to work offline – Asynchronous Synchronization
  4. Track the products
  5. Higher user interactivity
  6. Data capture and analytics

Goya Foods is a supply chain based in Secaucus New Jersey and used mobile tools to achieve greater efficiency through increased visibility and connectivity. The company is also leveraging mobile technologies within its facilities. One of their executives says that "We're employing mobile data collection devices to gain inventory visibility.” They use mobile handhelds on local network to assist with putaway, picking, and order verification."
Using Avalanche, a mobile device management system from South Jordan, Utah-based technology provider Wavelink, Goya manages 250 wireless devices at 14 warehouse locations. The solution allows Goya to deploy new applications on a regular schedule or on the fly, without requiring an IT worker to travel to the various sites.[2]
Pickers carry handheld devices and wear headsets, enabling both bar-code scanning and voice-directed picking. In order to be use same handhelds across morning and night shifts, they refrain from using voice based recognition.
Goya used Wavelink's Speakeasy mobile emulation-based voice application provides this capability.[3]
  1. Picking up any device and select either English or Spanish, then using a calibration wizard feature to help the device understand them
  2. Pulling items from inventory
  3. Scanning the task ticket, then a voice directs them where to go and confirms each step and item quantity

Going mobile worked for Goya. All the manufacturing firms are shifting towards mobile , internet and cloud technologies. What is important is the organizations understand and identify the process that needs change and improvisation. This can result in highly efficient process and customer satisfaction. 

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