Monday, February 24, 2014

Customers can pay for what they exactly want.

Fan Bi who is 22 years old who is a chief executive of Blank label. Black label launched in 2009. This is a company that provides co-created dress shirts, customized by users with an online dress shirts design application. If there are some customers who have been frustrated by the lack of dress shirt options at J Crew or Brooks brothers, then Bland Label is the website to have shirt that what you exactly want. Blank Label provides application enables consumers to co-design their own dress shirts with a wide range of customization options.

The step-by-step design app is simple and easy to use as customers. First, it shows 40 different fabric options. Second, customer should choose among three different types of cuffs such as single button, double button, and French. Third, customer should customize the style of his shirt’s placket. At the last, customer can add up some details such as button colors, etc.

This men's apparel company targeted towards the urban hipster set. The idea was that custom-made apparel would appeal to an artistic demographic tired of buying the same, off-the-rack clothing as their peers. And by contracting with a manufacturer in China, Blank Label was able to keep prices low; a custom shirt that offered buyers their choice of fabric, style, and buttons cost anywhere from $70 to $140. Blank Label eliminates the need to produce shirts of every size and styles. Moreover, it doesn’t need space to store inventory. Also, there is no office as well. Thus, Black label could keep low price.

Fan Bi met Danny Wong who is 19 year old to raise venture capital. They made goal to communicate with customers directly by using website commands. Fan Bi actually call himself to talk with customers.

Currently they opened showrooms in Boston and Chicago. Black Label realized that many customers were more comfortable buying custom apparel when they could try something on, touch the fabric, evaluate the different options, and get measured by someone who knows how to properly use a tape measure.

However, I found few problems about Black Label when I actually try to purchase it. Black Label does not have picture of models wearing customs shirts. Thus, it does not have visual details. Moreover, guidelines for how to measure own size are not polish.

But interesting about this company, when customers have problems people really can talk with Fan Bi on online and he answers really quick. At this point, I also want to point out that if this company grow up like huge company, he should find way how can his employees can provide great customer service like he does. Probably no one can do as much as he is doing because it is not their own company. However, there were many reviews that people like Black Label because they can choose their clothes and because of great customer services. However, I am sure that there will be more competitor in the future (even now there are some). Compare with other similar companies like Indochino and J.Bilburnm, Black Label has much better reviews for customer service. Therefore, Black Label should find way how can they manage many customers at same time with great customer service like now.


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