Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY Online

I remember when we would make our once every three year trip to India as a child.  There would be lists of clothes we just had to have tailor made.  There was no thought of readymade shopping; it was all custom-made to suit our taste and style.  Only recently have I noticed certain online shops offering this service.  Charles Tyrwhitt gives you an option to choose the slim fit vs. classic, button collar, cuffs, no cuffs, down to how many buttons you want on a blazer.

This service can make anyone feel special, but when it is offered for many other items, it just makes life easier.  I know there is not a day that goes by that I think, I wish this dress had short sleeves or I wish this shirt was more of a slim fit. 

Reading about Fan Bi, he just had the right idea.  Quality and time equals precision and customer satisfaction.  There may only be 45 shirts ordered a day but this will exemplify lean process in the most unique form.  No excess waste, no bulk production.  Allowing us as the consumers to have the ability to create to meet our needs is the best form of customer service these days.  There is a feeling of ownership and personal touch. 

This approach to business can be a positive and financially booming one but what if the person who started the company, set up shop in Boston to cater to the young professionals in DC, NYC, Chicago, etc…giving consumers the right to design and not pay European prices is sent back to his country due to visa issues?  If we are trying to promote the idea of start ups, financial growth, and innovative ideas which this country craves, then why not let Fan Bi just stay and play his part in increasing financial gain and build and grow in the USA? 

In The News: Putting Customers in Charge of Design (NY Times, May 14, 2010);

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