Tuesday, February 18, 2014

IBM leading innovation in cloud computing and data analytics

Last week in Las Vegas, IBM launched a range of development capabilities, training and benefits programs to help its clients capitalize on cloud computing, data analytics, mobile computing, social business and security. IBM will also be assisting its clients through its PartnerWorld program by allowing cloud-based clients to receive incentives after fulfilling certain criteria, such as demonstrating customer satisfaction and providing customer references of these services. This is based on the influence that the cloud is expected to have in the future on all parts of the supply chain.

IBM's new Power Development Platform, an application development cloud, allows solution developers to access IBM Power Systems servers to build, port and test applications with remote access to the latest processor-based servers running Linux and AIX operating systems. This is useful for Linux developers, who need powerful, modern servers to handle applications developed for big data, mobile and social business computing.

Invodo and Shoutlet are two of the first companies working with IBM in this area. Invodo is a provider of e-commerce video solutions that help retailers quickly create, deploy and measure the sales impact of video content on their websites. Shoutlet is an enterprise social media marketing platform which measures the impact of social media campaigns. By utilizing IBM's Digital Marketing Network, Shoutlet is helping marketers streamline social campaign management, based on IBM analytics, to unlock insight into how those efforts are driving sales across several properties.

Also, IBM’s new FlashSystem V840 Enterprise Performance Solution directly integrates IBM's virtualization software with the FlashSystem 840, which is a new approach to data management, called software-defined flash. It allows increasing data volumes to be stored, accessed and analyzed live via flash-optimized data virtualization. Data virtualization can help clients investigate ambiguous environments quickly and easily; carry out massive data migrations automatically and transparently; and manage more varieties of workloads using features such as real-time compression, snapshots and EasyTier.

The global market for cloud-based client solutions is expected to reach $200 billion by 2020, and companies are expected to have consulting and design skills across a range of cloud architectures and models to help them capitalize on these innovations.

IBM has also developed an interactive, education platform called ThinkAcademy to help organizations develop these skills and has created methods to recognize clients' cloud achievements. IBM’s PartnerWorld Cloud Benefit Guide, a catalog of cloud resources aligned to major business support functions, is also being enhanced. The aims of these developments, in particular, the innovations in analytics, are summarized and simplified in the diagram below, however, in what other ways can they be used in supply chain optimization ?


The process-centric supply chain transformation



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