Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Evian: Using a Web-based Platform to Improve Efficiency

Evian North America is a water-bottling company that distributes water bottled at the company's plant in the French Alps. Evian's product dictates the supply chain since the source is in one location. The company is always seeking innovative ways to reduce the cost of transportation and logistics of their products because bottled water is a heavy-weight and low-price-point product.

The company has several factors and constraints to consider. The product must comply with regulations of different and multiple countries. Moreover, freight forwarders, customs brokers, export and import specialists, warehouses, and carriers are stakeholders of the supply chian that the company has to deal with.

As a result of the limited capacity of ocean shipping from Europe to North America, Evian is looking for innovative and creative ways to manage freight rates. 

Evian North America is implementing a web-based technology platform to improve supply chain efficiency. The platform will be a unified hub for data, standard logistics processes, and central global product visibility where Evian will be able to see all its products in the company's global supply chain network.

Benefits of the platform:
  1. Eliminate costs
  2. Reduce inventory
  3. Understand supplier's efficiency
  4. Eliminate manual work
How can Evian's new system create useful data? What else can tenchology do for to improve a supply chain efficiency?


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