Monday, September 23, 2013

SCM Now & Then

 In a ever constant changing world there are challenges that are constantly being presented to companies. At times its on the technological front others times its mother nature presenting these challenges. Nonetheless SCM is constantly evolving to address its challenges and improve its efficiency. When organizations improve this particular facet often times it leads to a greater productivity.

  It is interesting to see the solutions large organizations are coming up with and their adaptations to the current times. Each facet of the SCM is being examined and how it can improve to further enhance the process. Whether it be an in-store solution or adjusting the travel routes for better efficiency it can be done.  The plan set out by GCI Capgemini lays out different ideas that will shape SCM for the years to come. While these practices are not applicable to every business, they do lay a foundation for leaders in the SCM field to examine and think about.
 The other articles for this week readings also touch upon in the adjustment made by business in order to keep their organizations running smoothly. in the NY Times article "New Hubs Arise to Serve a 'Just in Case Destination'" details one kind of adjustment businesses are making in today's modern work force. In cases like the Knight Frank Real Estate Company you might find yourself in an area where your shipments might get disrupted by some sort of natural phenomenon. In this case their needs to be another source of where your supplies are coming from, hence another location.

Yet as the 21st Century continues to bring in new technology and innovation this may be the singles most important contributor to the changes SCM will see within the next fifty years. Technology will to finds new ways these practices can improve. Despite all the technology advancements simplicity must always be mind. As the Indian Men who delivered daily meals showed us, a complex system is necessary. Just the proper flow of different variables.

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