Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Future Supply Chain - In-store Visibility - Kate Spade Saturday

Kate Spade Saturday is a younger and more casual sister of Kate Spade New York. Not only does it sell fashionable clothes, it also revamps the landscape of retail industry by using new technology. 

Kate Spade Saturday creates an entirely re-imagined retail environment that provides a more engaging and fluid experience for customers. Apple iPads will be strategically positioned throughout the shop, featuring content that is relevant to items in proximity, such as timely marketing messages, style suggestions and video, and user-generated images to encourage engagement with the brand and its products. The iPads will additionally educate customers on multiple ways to wear and use select products. These iPads replace paper signs and can perform anything a computer might do in a boutique: point of sale, loyalty tracking, inventory and supply chain management.

Another profound way of changing retail industry is to think about the store itself - physically. Instead of being limited to store space surrounded by 4 walls, Kate Spade created high visibility ‘fake’ stores with real windows featuring a real giant POS ‘tablet’ that consumers can shop from. More importantly, shoppers can receive their products within an hour or so – delivered directly to a location they’ve specified. The transaction is completed with an easy swipe of a credit card or a geo-fenced “check-in” via PayPal. The partnership between Kate Spade and eBay will definitely trigger a fundamental change in retail supply chain management.

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