Wednesday, October 2, 2013

GT Nexus to Provide Cloud-Based Global Supply Chain Visibility and Logistics Control Platform to HP

On July 24 2013, GT Nexus signed an agreement with HP, providing HP with global supply chain visibility and a control platform. These solutions are delivered in the cloud network form.

GT Nexus is the world’s largest cloud-based business network operator and has network platform for global supply chain management. They have over 25,000 business partners across industry verticals. Using cloud management technology enables all network partners operate at real-time across different supply chain function globally, and enable supply chain management real-time visibility from the point of order to final payment.

The concern that HP has at this point is that now they have to incorporate their core business functionality with this new control platform and technology. So the question is that how can they fully utilize the cloud management system and make it cost-efficient. I guess this is something HP needs to consider after implementing GT Nexus cloud management technology.


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