Monday, October 7, 2013

UPS conducts survey for Healthcare Executives

This week’s topic is on my favorites. I aspire to become a healthcare executive one day, so I found the perfect article, “UPS Survey Finds Global Healthcare Executives Driving Supply Chain Transformation to Reach New Market.” This article went to talk about the changing regulations in healthcare that were going to affect customer demands and bring about challenges surrounding product security.

UPS conducted a survey of healthcare executives to see if they would invest in new technologies over the next five years. The results displayed that 80% of those executives would invest in new technologies and would also enter new global markets. Also, 70% of the surveyed healthcare executives stated that they would enter new distribution channels by working directly with providers, insurance companies and end-patients. This will help move they healthcare supply chain towards change for the better.  Investing in technology seems to be a big challenge due to restrictions including product protection and high value items. This is because executives face problems in regards to forgery reaching its all time best and poor supply chain transparency. Regardless, of the many issues facing healthcare executives, they have successfully addressed their issues from performing analyses regarding to supply chain optimization and investing in strategic partnerships.

While this topic and article was very interesting, why do you think UPS conducted the survey?


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