Monday, October 7, 2013

Mass- Customization the new trend?

During this week’s readings I picked up on the theme of mass-customization and how it is making an impact on many companies’ supply chains. Since, technology has started to play a more integral role in today’s supply chains it has been easier for firms to incorporate mass-customization options. This mass customization option has allowed certain firms to minimize their costs because they don’t have warehousing fees or large fees for creating large amounts of the same product. We have seen this approach work well for Dell and IKEA.
Although, mass-customization will be a great addition to different supply chains, I don’t think certain industries can be customized. So the question I pose to the group is, do you think there are certain industries that can’t add customization to their supply chain? The YouTube video attached tries to go through a checklist to determine if a company can utilize this method into their supply chain.
 I’ve also attached a link to a furniture/ home goods company that is trying to utilize the mass-customization technique.,default,pg.html


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