Wednesday, October 9, 2013

RFID Technology enables Real-Time Supply Chain Management

RFID enabled technology is becoming a key player when it comes to tracking products in supply chain management. RFID tags are almost used everywhere. The technology behind it is a tiny electronic transmitters used to identify and track products. Now RFID tags are silicon-based. However, research teams at North Dakota State University has developed a method to print RFID tags in paper early this year, which could dramatically cut the costs. The technology also enabled further distance to count products – as far as 300 meters. Using this technology will enable real-time information gathering in the warehouse and in the store, making supply chain manager’s job much easier. One question is that whether we can combine the RFID technology and cloud management technology, enabling a real-time remote supply chain management system.

Reference: Nano-Based RFID Tags Could Replace Bar Codes (Science Daily, March 19, 2010);

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