Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Strategic Vision For New Era of Supply Chain Shipment Visibility by INTTRA

INTTRA, a global provider of e-commerce solutions to the ocean freight industry, announced its strategic vision to help the ocean shipping industry thrive in a new era of supply chain shipment visibility. By connecting shippers and carriers across the globe, TINTTRA’s vast collaborative network ensures that information can be shared accurately in a timely manner.

Generally speaking, the new strategic vision includes three initiatives, a new supply chain shipment visibility solution, a strategic agreement, and a comprehensive shipment information quality program. The solution aims to give shippers and freight forwarders access to data from INTTRA’s ocean carrier network and ultimately include optional data sources. In addition, as making a strategic agreement with Kewill - a global leader in multimodal transportation management software, the power of INTTRA’s multi-carrier shipping network is able to be brought together with Kewill’s innovative visibility software. As for the comprehensive shipment information quality program, it actually provides carriers with a systematic approach for monitoring accuracy and completeness of container status while helping them collaborate with shippers to pinpoint improvement areas.

In my view, the most innovative point of this new strategy is the application of accessible, high-quality data. Just as the article mentioned “Only 9 percent of today’s logistics professionals have complete visibility into their supply chains”, which is primarily due to the lack of access to quality data and a reliance on manual processes.

The article has a view that “only the power of a shared, collaborative platform connecting multiple business partners of the supply chain network can drive high data transparency.” I cannot agree with it more. Even the most efficient software cannot operate well without the provision of high quality data. However, the high degree of dependency on the data actually generate a critical problem – the accuracy and integrity of the data. It is conceivable that data could be incomplete or even wrong sometimes, which makes the process of confirming the accuracy and integrity of data very important.

Here is the video of a brief introduction of INTTRA’ ideology about shipping, the managing director Anthony Costa told us some new points about INTRRA’s strategy of shipping. As he said, lacking of automation equals redundancy, error and wasted effort, for this point, I can infer that everything INTRRA is doing or has done is aiming to set up a more efficient and complete system in order to help deal with the more and more complicated issues of global shipping. Also, stability and availability are two key points that prevent the customers from receiving high qualified service while “control” is another key word in the supply chain network. Thus, the methods that Costa illustrated to solve these problems seem reasonable, such as more training and virtualization, which will enables more transparency. 

Original Article: http://www.inttra.com/pr/article/inttra-shares-strategic-vision-for-new-era-of---supply-chain-shipment-visibility- 


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