Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How Inventory Management Apps Make SCM in Small Business Much Easier

Inventory management could be very complicated with inventory flow at paces varying from time to time. While it’s not easy for small business to use expensive inventory management systems, nowadays, some affordable inventory management apps could make the digital inventory management possible and save time and costs.

Online forum and blog users have recommended a few handy inventory management apps that will benefit small business to keep inventory in track. Inventory Tracker, for example, is a comprehensive inventor tracking app for iPad. It synchronizes the inventory quickly with some really amazing features that help with inventory management. Most importantly, the pro version only costs less than $4 in the App store, with a free version available. Other affordable apps like SOS Inventory, Retail Inventory, Lettuce, jumpStock offer some expanded features such as sales orders, scans barcodes and syncs with point-of-sale purchases, order capture, payment processing, shipping, and customer relationship management. Although some of the apps cost a bit more, these software are interactive that it’s almost like having an inventory manager on staff, saving labor and overhead costs.

When inventory is constantly flow in and out, it is crucial to have an inventory management systems in place to keep on track. As some of the systems are very costly, it makes sense for small business to use less expensive apps that are more affordable; the second reason to choose inventory management apps over the desktop system is that it’s easier for apps to go mobile. One of my assumption and question is related to the possibility to combine inventory management apps with cloud technology. As nowadays mobile technology is more advancing, implementing cloud technology on inventory management apps would create more value for both the apps providers and the small business owners. 



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