Monday, September 16, 2013

How much Money does a Six Sigma Black Belt make?

Reading about lean, six sigma, and theory of constraints, made me start wondering about the value these add to an organization and how much money a person who is an expert in Six Sigma makes.
I looked up the Salary a Six Sigma expert makes on three different websites,

According to these websites on Monday, September 16, 2013: reports:
A Six Sigma Black Belt on a national average makes $92,000[1] reports that
A Six Sigma Black Belt makes between $96,670 and $167, 444[2] nationally. reports
That the median amount is $80,000[3].

These numbers are incredibly high. But why are Six Sigma professionals so well paid? Why would a company pay that much to an individual?
Six Sigma Black belts make a lot of money because they have to meet a lot of requirements. They have to be certified and tested based on their experience. Usually a Six Sigma Black Belt has had ten years of experience and a Master’s degree. I have included a link for a brochure that identifies the type of test questions. [4]
Six sigma is implemented in order to simply to improve productivity and efficiency that could save a company thousands or millions of dollars. Companies that have used it are Sears, DuPont, General Electric and Motorola. [5]
According to author Mikel Harry, “When a company is operating at six sigma, costs that would otherwise go to inspection, rework, warranties, and customer service drop to the bottom line.[6]” Companies save money!
So as a Heinz student would you become a Six Sigma professional? Could a non-profit value from a Six Sigma implementation?

[4] Link to brochure:
[6] Harry, Mikel J., and Richard Schroeder. Six Sigma: The Breakthrough Management Strategy Revolutionizing the World's Top Corporations. New York: Currency, 2000. Print.


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