Monday, February 17, 2014

The Savvy in Supply Chain Management

It is no secret technology benefits a supply chain management concept and allows it to build a relationship between many companies who mutually benefit.  I as a consumer feel the positive effects of a technically sound supply chain operation.

We live in a time of NOW, INSTANT, PRIME 2 DAY DELIVERY, OVERNIGHT!  It’s all so accommodating and the culture has been ingrained in our lives, we are spoiled.  But for a company, one of the biggest benefits is an optimal balance between costs and service which enable higher product output and less room for error.
I have read several articles on this topic and really didn’t feel obvious cons towards the subject matter.  As stated In The News: A Different Game (The Economist) it is all relevant and statistically sound data which not only makes life easier, it just makes sense.

In The News: A Different Game (The Economist, February 25, 2010);

The ability to manage valuable data, prepare for the future, track trends and build a business intelligence which is more mainstream now than it was decades ago are key features to a successful marriage between technology and supply chain. 

I found this article to be refreshing because it is what we are surrounded by.  In 1879 the cash register was “coined” and now we can do everything online, even when it’s not online, our goods come from some corner of the world.  There are people behind these amazing ideas and that’s where we can fall back on simple trust.  People need to trust the system they work with, within their company; they need to know how it efficiently takes the stress out of a transaction.  Is this a glimpse into the future?  Some may say a sign of times. Will technology become so vast that the work of a person will become obsolete?  This thought doesn’t worry me, it truly excites me and I feel this is just the real beginning.  Will we just become the software creators, information feeders, and let the technology work its magic?  There is always room for error, if not human then a technical glitch, are we so busy with the abundance of products we have as consumers that such glitches will not matter in the long run?

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