Sunday, February 9, 2014

Top 25 Supply Chains for 2013, 2012, and 2011

The tables shows the top 25 supply chains according to Gartner. Only 9 out of 25 companies got a higher or the same rank for 3 years.  What are these companies doing that is keeping them so successful? Do you think there are more deserving supply chains?

Red- companies that kept the same rank
Green - companies that got higher ranks every year.

Rank 2013 2012 2011
1 Apple Apple  Apple
2 McDonald's Amazon  Dell
3 McDonald's  P&G
4 Unilever Dell  Research In Motion (RIM)
5 Intel P&G  Amazon
6 P&G The Coca-Cola Company  Cisco Systems
7 Cisco Systems Intel  Wal-Mart Stores
8 Samsung Electronics Cisco Systems  McDonald's
9 Coca Cola Company Wal-Mart Stores  PepsiCo
10 Colgate-Palmolive Unilever  Samsung
11 Dell Colgate-Palmolive  The Coca-Cola Company
12 Inditex PepsiCo  Microsoft
13 Wal-Mart Stores Samsung  Colgate-Palmolive
14 Nike Nike  IBM
15 Starbucks Inditex  Unilever
16 PepsiCo Starbucks  Intel
17 H&M H&M  HP
18 Caterpillar Nestle  Nestle
19 3M Research In Motion (RIM)  Inditex
20 Lenovo Group Caterpillar  Nike
21 Nestl√© 3M  Johnson & Johnson
22 Ford Motor Johnson & Johnson  Starbucks
23 Cummins Cummins  Tesco
24 Qualcomm HP  3M
25 Johnson & Johnson Kimberly-Clark  Kraft Foods

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