Tuesday, February 5, 2013

For a better finish, start with Hyde.

Over the years, various management theories have been presented. Some of which could be argued to be management fads, however some have showed its distinguishing impact in the world of manufacturing industry. Total Quality Management (TQM) and Lean Manufacturing also known as Lean Production are two management approaches to optimization. To explain in simple way, Lean Manufacturing is the production of goods using less of everything, which could be manufacturing space, environmental tools, manpower, waste and engineering to develop new product. Hyde Manufacturing, a Massachusetts tool maker, also implemented lean systems, which reflected in miraculous improvement in the production process of Hyde.

For more than 130 years, Hyde Tools has been crafting small hand tools used in surface preparation, masonry, dry wall, flooring wall covering, in the automotive industry, as well as blade tools used in food processing, rubber and tire converting, and the abrasives industries. 275 people are working on 220,000 sq. ft. plan and carrying out versatile manufacturing processed which ranges from making blanks, heat treating, grinding, polishing, assembly, and shipping

Dedicated leadership and commitment of employees are key factor for the success of any Organization. Hyde has the work force, which continuously strive for betterment.  That is the reason why they have been successful.  Hyde has success key in form of 5S: Shine, Sort, Set in order, standardize and sustain. The workplace runs smoothly, safely and with less waste. With the purpose to reduce unnecessary transport of product and people, Hyde configured Work Cells. Customer demands were taken care by pull system. Implementation of visual signals has helped everyone to see what’s going on and what needs attention. Lean also helped Hyde to streamline processes associated with warehouse practices and eliminated waste. All these factors added to their greatly improved workflow and efficiency.  Lean initiative also reduced hazardous waste generation by 93 percent and solid waste generation by 85 percent

Hyde manufacturing has not just only revitalized their Lean initiative, but they have set an ideal tried and tested example for other manufacturers.

Founder Isaac Hyde’s standard still applies today: to make the best possible product from the most appropriate steel and try every day to improve on yesterday's best. America is benefited with Hyde’s efforts and provision of the edge it needs. And Lean has proven to best tool for Hyde to achieve that. Hyde has put their slogan into actions, “For a better finish, start with Hyde.”
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