Monday, February 4, 2013

Lean Warehousing

After all of these readings on lean and just in time manufacturing, I came across this article which discusses a newer line of the lean manufacturing tree: lean warehousing.

Basically, lean warehousing deals with the uncertainty and predictability of storage of components.  I found it particularly interesting in light of the article about Dell pressuring its suppliers to give them parts in real time, so Dell's suppliers therefore need to also implement lean practices in order to continue profiting from a contract with so little wiggle room for error or delay.

The basic idea here is that being lean is worthless if you can't also be agile in the face of uncertainty (like Dell was with keeping up to date with its suppliers to charter planes to fly extra parts in in the face of production shortages).

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  1. lean services should be practiced in warehousing services because it is a good kind of investment wherein change is not a problem anymore and being responsive to change will be beneficial on both sides and will not result to too much confusion or conflict within the operation.


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